Steam Announces working on a New cloud gaming service


Valve could work on a new cloud gaming service for Steam, as revealed by Burial Code, presumably in the company’s own website. Now people can play the new cloud game online and this is a multiplayer game where people can enjoy with their friends in a virtual way.

The Steam database, which actively changes the game of Steam and Valve, saw a new code on Valve’s website for partners, asking them to agree.

“Steam Cloud Gaming Addendum”. If you want to see it for yourself, you can check the code on the Steam database’s Github or Valve’s website (search only “Steam Cloud Gaming Addendum”). With just one name, it is hard to know what service can be – but we think we can make an educated guess.

Steam Announces working on a New cloud gaming service

It seems very possible that a service Valve’s own code is actually called “cloud gaming”, which may point to an upcoming cloud gaming service similar to Google’s Stadia or Microsoft’s cloud, and it Valve may be required to sign some new distribution agreements with developers.

A new cloud gaming service by Steam matters little, as it may eliminate Steam’s current game streaming options.

You can already stream games with Steam Remote Play, Steam Link and Steam Link Anywhere, but all of them require your own gaming PC to function as a server, and a very strong Internet connection if you want.

Play outside your home – Perhaps a new service may allow you to stream your game without that active PC connection.

There is always the chance that Steam Cloud Gaming may be a rebrand of Steam’s already existing offerings, but it does not appear that there is a rebrand of services already released.

Partners will be required to sign new agreements with Valve. Valve did not respond to a request for comment, but we will update if we hear back.

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Steam Announces working on a New cloud gaming service

Valve could work on a new cloud gaming service for Steam, as revealed by Burial Code, presumably in the company's own...

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