Netflix Declares to stop working on some smart televisions Soon


If you were an early adopter of smart TV, you might be shocked.

Netflix has announced some older televisions since the beginning of the decade that will no longer work with their app due to “technical limitations”.

Affected models are mainly from early 2010, with Samsung and Panasonic’s Smart TVs confirming to be affected by the issue, which could be a model hit from other vendors as well.

A Netflix spokesperson told that it has been confirmed that subscribers will soon lose their access to some devices.

“On 2 December, Netflix will no longer support a small number of older devices due to technical limitations. “We have informed all affected members with more information about alternative devices so that they can enjoy Netflix uninterrupted,” the spokesperson said.

Netflix Declares to stop working on some smart televisions Soon

Optional devices include game consoles, such as PlayStation or Xbox, streaming sticks, boxes such as Google Chromecast and Apple TV, and some Blu-ray players.

It is understandable that these technical limitations revolve around the already disseminated Digital Rights Management (DRM) protocol, which has since been hanging in the balance and cannot be upgraded.

To prevent DRM from being designed in which places and on which devices copyrighted works can be viewed.

At the beginning of the decade, many smart TVs supported Windows Media DRM (WMDRM), but have now been replaced by Microsoft PlayReady.

While DRM can be a thorny issue, it is important to argue with supporters that protecting intellectual property and preventing piracy, while critics say it is an added inconvenience and, given many efficiencies, worthwhile on preventing piracy Does not have an effect.

Another criticism of DRM is that the content people buy can become inaccessible years later as protocols are updated or discarded. However, Netflix subscribers pay for access to the streaming giant’s library and do not buy the content themselves.

A post on the Samsung support page stated that after the screen size in the model code “its 2010 or 2011 with C or D” its old televisions will stop working with the Netflix app next month.

A number of Panasonic Veera Smart TVs in 2013 and earlier are considered as well-influenced, but before you check your personal model and before you buy another device. An easy way to test whether your television will be affected is against your user manual.

If you throw it away, most manufacturers offer them online. Find your model number on your manufacturer’s website, and then search for the digital user manual by hitting Ctrl + F (cmd + F on the Mac) and looking for “WMDRM”.

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Netflix Declares to stop working on some smart televisions Soon

If you were an early adopter of smart TV, you might be shocked. Netflix has announced some older...

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