More Amiibo Are Coming in Your Shelf Space Confirmed Nintendo

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During this morning’s Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Nintendo Direct, the Big N confirmed that even more amiibo will be coming to fight for your shelf space.

The latest duo of figures will be hitting stores on January 17, 2020. Far from the last release we still need to get all of the DLC characters, these two boast a level of detail that’s a bit higher quality than past amiibo figures. It’s so rad that Nintendo keeps making these, even if sales figures have dropped off a bit.

Currently, pre-orders are not available on any websites, but that is sure to change in the next day or so. With amiibo still selling out -despite their decreased popularity-, there’s no telling if Dark Samus and Richter will become collector’s items. If you want them, make sure to check your favorite retailer until you can secure one.

More Amiibo Are Coming in Your Shelf Space Confirmed Nintendo

Once a massive craze, amiibo has kind of died off in recent years. Despite the Switch having an NFC reader specifically for these figures, Nintendo hasn’t really included the functionality in many new titles.

Luigi’s Mansion 3, for instance, doesn’t feature anything of the sort and Super Smash Bros. Ultimate doesn’t do much more than its predecessor in terms of utilization.

While likely a casualty of the “Toys-to-life” craze that has died off, Nintendo has a real opportunity to create a massive, all-encompassing adventure that brings its various properties together for a team-up game.

With Smash sort of laying the groundwork for such a crossover, it’s baffling that Nintendo hasn’t put into production something like Super Amiibo Adventure.

Even without a marquee title, Nintendo keeps churning out amiable as it promised. Fans of these characters can have a little figurine to place on their desks, which is ultimately worth the experiment.

Even if these toys never get to star in their own title, it’s nice that Chibi-Robo and even Dark Souls have official Nintendo representation.


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