Kristen Stewart as a bloody softball player on Show Starring Jimmy Fallon on Halloween


Kristen Stewart will take the stage at Saturday Night Live this coming weekend. But on Thursday, Kristen Stewart got into the Halloween spirit and dressed up as a softball player during the show tonight starring Jimmy Fallon.

The 29-year-old Twilight star threw a curb ball in her softball dress with a fake blood skirt over her face and her orange and white baseball tee.

Bella’s Ball: On Thursday, Kristen Stewart, 29, went to the Halloween Spirit and dressed up as a bloody softball player during an appearance in The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.

Home run: The Twilight star applied some fake blood spots to the Orange Baseball Raglan with some extra pimples on his cheek as well as on the chin.

The Charlize Angels actress is currently gearing up for the second time as the host of NBC’s Saturday Night Live and is doing it in a unique way.

A new promo of the episode was released on Saturday night on YouTube by Wednesday Live which features Star Squirting alongside Kate Mackinnon in an epic fight.

The promo begins spontaneously enough, with Stewart talking to the camera saying that she is hosting the musical guest with Coldplay.

‘That’s right, this week, the show’s all mine,’ she says, turning off a camera heard from Kate McKinnon, a cigarette-smoker.

After some fickle verbal nudes, the two actresses come together in the form of dramatic music and it is revealed that they have started thumbing wrestling.

Stewart dabbed his thumb within seconds of the match ending and McKinnon ran to get a snack.

The episode will air on Saturday 2 November at 11:30 pm. ET.


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