‘Watchmen’ Season 1- Episode 3 Full Recap: Here, Why this Episode Better than the previous one?


Watchmen continues to try to expand its world and forge stronger links to the comic in its third episode. The Sunday episode was Titled “She Was Killed by Space Junk”.

The whole episode was tightly focused on FBI Special Agent Laurie Blake (Jean Smart), a character from the original comic who makes her way to the metropolis to analyze Crawford’s murder, tell some jokes and mock local law enforcement while she is at it.

Let’s get into it. I want to zero in on the Laurie painter of it. At the tip of the comic, Laurie and Dan (Nite Owl) cite obtaining back to the vigilance man business, but Laurie, who recently discovered the Comedian was her real father, says she needs to alter her name from Silk Spectre and acquire a gun.

Then, week one Peteypedia documents disclosed she adopted “The Comedienne” as her new alias before she and Dan were in remission within the early ‘90s. At some point in between her arrest and in tonight’s episode, she joined the FBI’s anti-vigilante task force and developed a very wry sense of humor.

‘Watchmen’ Season 1- Episode 3 Full Recap: Here, Why this Episode Better than the previous one?
‘Watchmen’ Season 1- Episode 3 Full Recap: Here, Why this Episode Better than the previous one?

In fact, the episode is structured around humor. As we tend to see her travel metropolis with Agent Petey to analyze Crawford’s death, the episode flashes to her business Doctor Manhattan via a satellite phone and telling him several long jokes.

There was a palpable, terribly Leftovers-like loneliness in those scenes that I found compelling attributable to the close-ups on her face. Laurie’s difficult relationship together with her past comes through in however she approaches her investigation into Crawford’s death.

Even though Laurie clearly has scorn for vigilantes, she still hasn’t shaken off some of their
behaviors. Look at however she places 3 bullets in Mr. Shadow’s back with very little relevancy whether or not or not she would paralyze or kill him.

More blatantly, though, is what she will once a Rorschach test attacks Crawford’s ceremony during a suicide vest connected to his heart-rate: She disdainfully puts a bullet in his head (tango down!) with none reasonably warning that then prompts Angela to travel into a badass mode and lose the bomb.

But then, after Laurie mocks everyone from her former comrades to current co-workers, she finally runs into someone she can’t intimidate. Talking to Angela within the burial chamber, Laurie is forced to admit her mistake in shooting the suicide vest-wearing Cavalry member. That undercuts the pietistic position she’s infatuated everybody else to this point.


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