The Old Blood Update Live for Warframe: Here everything you want to know

Grendel Keyart Kuva 4K
Grendel Keyart Kuva 4K

Digital Extremes officially released The Old Blood update into Warframe this week, and with it comes a whole reign of terror to deal with.

The Old Blood will introduce players to their immortal foe the Kuva Lich, as well as a brand-new Nemesis-like game system. Plus, you get to meet the 42nd Warframe, the insatiable Grendel. We got more details for you here along with the trailer, as you can download the update right now and get in on the game.

Grendel is the 42nd playable Warframe in, well, Warframe. He’s big and hungry. That’s kind of his whole deal. You consume enemies into his belly to improve your allies’ stats. Otherwise, you can spray them back out to deal with area-of-effect damage.

The Old Blood Update Live for Warframe: Here everything you want to know
The Old Blood Update Live for Warframe: Here everything you want to know

Grendel was also first officially announced at TennoCon 2019 alongside Gauss. The latter Warframe made it into the game earlier this year, in the Saint of Altra update. But whereas that class was all about speed, Grendel seems to be a slightly slower, more support and crowd control focused character.

He can still kick it into overdrive by turning into a ball that bowls through enemies, however. His passive ability also gives him 50 bonus armor for every enemy Grendel consumes.

This has been a long time coming. Although it is a little funny, too. The defensive character has had multiple reworks already, only to be instantly overshadowed by other characters and the nonstop speed of the game in 2019. Meanwhile, Ember is a very powerful Warframe but only in a hyper-specific niche.

These reworks seek to change all that. Ember isn’t that fundamentally different compared to how she ever was. But now gets bonus ability strength for every nearby enemy she lights on fire, can strip armor from foes, and can block incoming damage with a fire shield.

She also has a special heat meter now. The more heat she builds up, the more damage Ember can block and dish out. However, her shield will become more expensive if she overheats. You need to cast her armor-stripping Fire Blast attack to cool off a bit.


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