Google Buys Fitbit wearable brand for $2.1bn

Fitbit Versa 2 Family Inbox Lineup 20191101030753612
Fitbit Versa 2 Family Inbox Lineup 20191101030753612

San Francisco: Google announced on Friday that it had acquired the leading wearable brand Fitbit for $ 2.1 billion.

“Today, we are announcing that Google has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire Fitbit, a leading Weirbral brand,” said Rick Osterloh, Senior Vice President, Equipment and Services, Google.

He added, “Working closely with Fitbit’s team of experts and bringing together the best AI, software and hardware can help us innovate in wearable products to benefit even more people around the world and Can manufacture products. “

Over the years, Google has progressed with partners in this space with Wear OS and Google Fit.

Google Buys Fitbit wearable brand for $2.1bn
Google Buys Fitbit wearable brand for $2.1bn

Fitbit has been a true leader in the industry and has created an engaging product, experience and a vibrant community of users.

Google aspires to create tools that help people increase their knowledge, success, health, and happiness.

“This goal is aligned with Fitbit’s focus on long-term well-being and helping people live healthier, more active lives,” Google said.

Similar to its other products, Google said: “with wear, we will be transparent about the data we collect”.

“We will not sell personal information to anyone. Fitbit Health and Wellness data will not be used for Google ads. And we will give Fitbit users the option to review, transfer or delete their data, ”the company said.

Fitbit’s co-founder and CEO James Park called Google “the perfect partner” to carry on Fitbit’s mission.

“With Google’s resources and global platform, Fitbit will be able to accelerate innovation in the wearables category, grow faster, and make health even more accessible to all. “I could not be more excited for the lies ahead,” Park said in a statement.


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