Bloodstained Switch updated ‘eliminates’ lag, reduces load times 70%

Bloodstained Ritual of the Night Switch Accolades
Bloodstained Ritual of the Night Switch Accolades

The long-awaited version 1.03 patch ‘eliminates’ input lag across the game and targets crashes and lengthy load times, the developer said in a Kickstarter update.

Loading times have been reduced significantly, by up to 70%, it said, while visual quality has also been improved.

They said You will now find the controls more responsive, making the game easier to navigate and easier to fight enemies.

Overall stability has also been improved throughout the game. We have also addressed several specific situations that have been causing crashes, most notably when reading books from a bookcase.

Bloodstained Switch updated ‘eliminates’ lag, reduces load times 70%
Bloodstained Switch updated ‘eliminates’ lag, reduces load times 70%

The second Switch graphical and performance update is planned for release before the end of the month. Version 1.04 will further improve performance with “a couple of especially troublesome areas and enemies.”

Ritual of the Night producer, Koji Igarashi recently suggested that performance issues present in the Switch version of the game at the launch were the result of the logistical challenges of studio outsourcing.

It can be difficult to match the quality line if things changed when you’re working with an outsourced studio, he said.

With Bloodstained, we would first share our goal with the outsourced studio and make sure we both agree and determine the necessities, but even with proper planning, it’s difficult to reach.

Input lag has now been eliminated throughout the game and also controls are more responsive, with enemies easier to fight and environments now less of a hassle to navigate. This also will be further optimized in update 1.04.

The visual quality also looks more clear and should also be more detailed and the stability of the game has also been improved, and a number of specific situations have also been addressed, which were causing crashes.

Last but not least, is the significantly reduced load times, by up to 70%. More improvements will also be added in version 1.04.


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