WhatsApp New Update as fingerprint security for Android phones

WhatsApp Fingerprint Lock 1280x720
WhatsApp Fingerprint Lock 1280x720

WhatsApp fingerprint lock feature has been rolled out to Android users with the latest update.

WhatsApp fingerprint lock feature for Android comes months after it first became available for WhatsApp’s iOS version. It comes at a time when serious safety and privacy concerns are being raised due to Facebook’s lawsuit against an Israeli software company NSO Group for allegedly hacking into 1400 WhatsApp accounts.

WhatsApp spyware scare caused by Pegasus intensified after Facebook acknowledged Thursday that Indian journalists and human rights activists were among those globally spied upon by unnamed entities using the software. So, today, we need to ensure our safety and privacy on WhatsApp more than ever before. In this article, we show how you use the latest biometric authentication feature on WhatsApp for Android.

Step 1: Make sure your WhatsApp is updated. To check if your WhatsApp has received a new update, go to WhatsApp listing on Google Play and update your app manually. If you have auto-updates enabled, you must be running the latest version of WhatsApp for Android.

WhatsApp New Update as fingerprint security for Android phones
WhatsApp New Update as fingerprint security for Android phones

Step 2: Now, open WhatsApp on your Android phone, tap the ‘More Options’ icon at the upper right corner. Go to WhatsApp Settings.

Step 3: Tap ‘Account’ and then tap ‘Privacy.’ Scroll all the way down find the ‘Fingerprint lock’ option. Select the ‘Fingerprint lock’ option.

Step 4: Toggle the slider to enable the ‘Unlock with fingerprint’ feature. Once you enable the fingerprint feature, you will need to use fingerprint to open WhatsApp.

Step 5: WhatsApp uses the same fingerprint that you must have added to unlock your phone. Make sure you have fingerprint added in your phone’s security settings.

Step 6: You can then decide when you want your WhatsApp to lock automatically. You can choose from the following set of options: Immediately, after 1 minute or after 30 minutes. You can also hide message content in notifications.

If you choose the option to immediately lock WhatsApp each time you come out of it, you will have to authenticate using your fingerprint to get back in, even if you have WhatsApp running in the background.


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