“Midnight Club LA* To be launched soon: What’s New?


The world of racing games was very different at the beginning of the new millennium. Franchises such as Burnout, Need for Speed, Flatout, Xtreme Racer, and the haggard of others were seeing their debuts during this time or hitting their stride.

In terms of both the quality and quantity of titles, the selection of arcade racing games was the best. Racing games were usually focused on realism and until this result, wild and crazy racing games are usually placed in the arcade or brought in to be a novelty.

But all that was changing around the time of PlayStation 2, GameCube and Dreamcast launch. Part of this revolution was a studio that was already making arcade driving games Angel Studios.

Rockstar was looking for a different type of game with their Grand Theft Auto game, and it seemed that Angel Studios was the right team to help them do so.

"Midnight Club LA* To be launched soon: What's New?
“Midnight Club LA* To be launched soon: What’s New?

Fortunately, working with Angel has been a great step forward for Rockstar, as the original Midnight Club was a success and was generally fairly well-reviewed. It wasn’t perfect, and there were a lot of growing pains that the game was undergoing at the beginning of this era, but overall Rockstar was quite happy with the game, as a mix of realistic graphics, a somewhat dark tone.

And arcade-y, the almost crazy taxi style of gameplay proved to be more than enough to sell well and please fans.

Unexpectedly, a follow-up was released shortly thereafter, and Midnight Club 2 really did what it needed to do to improve on almost every aspect of the game.

The characters were more and more fleshed out, the world was bigger, the graphics were a bit better, and the diving felt too tight because the handbrake didn’t need to be used often and usually just as a way to start drifts. Was served with small taps, which was a noticeable improvement over the way the original was handled. In addition, the arrow at the top of the screen was slightly less useless.


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