Sony TVs Now Featuring The Apple Tv App: Details inside

Android P tv
Android P tv

Apple’s about to be available streaming service called Apple TV+ is all set to launch on November 1, but the only way to access it is through the Apple TV app.

While the app is already available on Apple devices, the company is slowly pushing its app on other platforms too. After the recent launch on Amazon’s Fire TV, a report also now states that certain Sony smart TVs are also beginning to get the update.

Earlier, Apple did state that it will be releasing the app on other smart TVs such as Samsung and Vizio. The announcement came back in March and today some Sony TVs are able to use the app.

Source got a tip from a user in Brazil, who reportedly received the Apple TV app after a firmware update. The update appears to be pushed out to recent Sony TVs, the ones that are compatible with Apple’s AirPlay 2 technology.

Sony TVs Now Featuring The Apple Tv App: Details inside
Sony TVs Now Featuring The Apple Tv App: Details inside

This also includes the Sony Z9G series; A9G series; X950G series; and certain X850G models, according to the source. The Apple TV app will not only let users access the new Apple streaming service but also movies that you’ve purchased through iTunes.

Amazon’s Fire TV platform received the Apple TV app a couple of days back and It’s available for the 2nd Gen Fire TV Stick and the Fire TV Stick 4K.

Apple TV+ streaming service will also include original content, specially developed for the platform. Apple’s push for services now also includes Apple Arcade, which is its new subscription-based gaming platform, which includes access to over 70 of their exclusive games, with no ads or in-app purchases.

This app isn’t something that users can manually install, though. Instead, it will be available to TVs via a Sony firmware update so if you don’t see it yet, hang tight. Unfortunately, Sony isn’t saying exactly which TVs will receive that firmware update but the popular wisdom appears to be that the same TVs that already support AirPlay 2 will be the ones in favor.

The TV app looks and also functions just like the same app on Apple TV which is indeed a good thing. It gives users access to TV shows and movies that were before purchased via iTunes and the same Channels feature is present, too.

Apple TV+ will cost $4.99 per month for the whole family.


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