Destiny 2 Update on How To Unlock The Exotic Machine Gun Xenophage: Details inside

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With the launch of the pageant of the Lost, Bungie has conjointly freed its latest exotic weapon quest: The Journey. Through finishing The Journey, players will be able to unlock the new exotic machine gun, Xenophage.

In total, the weapon will hold 2 magazines of arms and its inability to deal crit injury looks a bit odd, but it was able to tear through Nightmares with ease so it’s definitely worth getting.

Here’s how to pick up Xenophage.

Step 1: Embrace the Light

To start this quest you’ll get to visit the Moon and enter the portal next to Eris. While within the area wherever Eris sometimes sits once finishing a memory you’ll see four statues. Each statue can be interacted with and will light one of the other four statues around the room.

Destiny 2 Update on How To Unlock The Exotic Machine Gun Xenophage: Details inside
Destiny 2 Update on How To Unlock The Exotic Machine Gun Xenophage: Details inside

To with success light-weight all four promptly, interact with the statues in the following order front right, back left, front left. Upon lighting the ultimate sculpture, a chest will appear and reward you with The Journey.

Step 2: Lighting the way

After effort The Journey you’ll tend some terribly cryptic steps that advert to the Anchor of sunshine on the Moon. Head to the Anchor of sunshine and move towards the massive tower on the left facet. Within the tiny building beneath the tower to the left after you enter there’ll be a hearth. Interacting with this hearth can provide you with a buff.

Step 3: Solve the Lost Sector puzzles

After lighting the fires within the previous step you’ll be treated to a different series of rather ambiguous clues. What these clues extremely mean is that you just got to venture into the Lost Sectors on the Moon, all four of them, and complete a puzzle that can be found on the wall at the top of every past the ultimate chest.

Step 4: Journey to the Depths

Now that you’ve got a full map you’ll get to complete the primary part of Inferno of Heresy. Directly once you complete this section and unlock the chest you’ll be visaged with a wall of doors. Look for the door that doesn’t have a character hanging over its sunshade and jump within. While you’re within you’ll need to act with another character and proceed to the following encounter.

Step 5: Light more torches

Within the second encounter, whereas the bombproof area unit chasing you, there’ll be a series of Hive runes on the ground at a geological formation at the so much facet from where you dropped down. As you interact with the runes, a series of platforms will appear in the chasm in front of you.


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