Apple Releases iOS 13.2.1 update for HomePod fixing Bricking problem

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jbareham 180202 2266 0136.0

Apple’s iOS 13.2 update for HomePod earlier this week had a lousy side-effect, it would brick users HomePod speakers. Apple pulled the update following those reports. Apple on Wednesday released a new version 13.2.1 of the firmware to fix those issues.

The update comes two days following Apple’s release of iOS 13.2, which enabled features such as music handoff from iPhone, user identification technology, ambient sound generation, and sleep timers.

Shortly after Monday’s update, users began to report issues with the new firmware. Users said the update rendered their HomePod unusable. Problems experienced included a “white swirl” on their HomePod or an endless reset loop.

Apple Releases iOS 13.2.1 update for HomePod fixing Bricking problem

“Some users said they had contacted Apple Support and they arranged replacement devices”.

Apple pulled the 13.2 updates and then quietly updated a support document covering HomePod reset procedures to warn users of the error. “If you’ve already reset or removed your HomePod from the Home app, contact Apple Support.”

It should be noted that while the release notes accompanying the Wednesday iOS 13.1.2 release don’t mention a fix for bricking issues, it is believed to include the fix.

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