UPDATE: Steam Remote Play Together beta is available for all NOW

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Valve has come up with a brand new update for Steam that allows its users on remote PCs to try out local multiplayer games together.

To be precise, that’s what it’s even named Play Together—and it’s ready to be tried out now to Steam beta participants.

Remote Play Together, which was unveiled to developers just a few days ago through the Steamworks site, allows Steam friends to try together in games that are usually just restricted to local or split-screen multiplayer.

UPDATE: Steam Remote Play Together beta is available for all NOW
UPDATE: Steam Remote Play Together beta is available for all NOW

Valve said the system allows a maximum of four players, ” and possibly even more if the conditions are perfect,” and only the host has to actually have the game and have it downloaded.

The rest of them will stream the game through Steam Remote Play, earlier called the In-Home Streaming.

After bringing out the game, the host can hand out invites through the “Remote Play Together” facility from the friend’s list in the Steam Overlay; when they click accept, their controllers will start to act as though they’re connected into the host’s PC, and everyone will be linked through voice chat.

To ensure there are no mishaps and bad conduct, only the game is can be accessed by the other players, not desktops “or other super-secret things,” Valve said.

Remote Play Together kind of sounds a bit too long for a name. It certainly does, but this is the kind of update that puts Steam head and shoulders above other storefronts.

How well it pans is yet to be seen (the host would apparently have a huge speed advantage), but there’s a lot of talent in the idea of opening up Steam’s local multiplayer games to people who aren’t in the same area, which is most of us.

Other specs, such as Parsec, don’t have the pluses of being built into the system we already use.


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