It’s time to head back to Castle Rock: Excited constant Viewers?

castle rock season finale
castle rock season finale

Everyone is excited about this second season of Castle Rock, which, like the first season, has ties that extend throughout the Stephen King multiverse. This season, the central figure is supposed to be Annie Wilkes of Misery a role that won Kathy Bates an Oscar here played by the terrific Lizzy Caplan.

Joining her in the cast are Elsie Fisher (Eighth Grade), Paul Sparks (Boardwalk Empire), and Barkhad Abdi (Captain Phillips), among others; she’ll also be working alongside King veteran Tim Robbins.

The first three episodes arrive today, then new installments will stream weekly; like Robbins, Emily L. Stephens is on familiar ground as she returns to duty (recap).

It’s time to head back to Castle Rock: Excited constant Viewers?
It’s time to head back to Castle Rock: Excited constant Viewers?

While Castle Rock doesn’t connect to other series or films that are currently out there, it does suppose that many of the characters from Stephen King’s best stories and novellas are all neighbors.

While Castle Rock is far from perfect, it’s worthy of the lofty goal that it tries to pull off. The beginning of Castle Rock lays a strong foundation for this universe and has the potential to turn into something quite special.

That tells you everything that you need to know, both about Castle Rock the community and Castle Rock the show.

It’s a great introduction for a Stephen King-based anthology type vehicle and it’s a little shocking that this voice-over narration doesn’t play over every episode and begins the series due to how efficient it is and how well it effectively sets the tone in very little words.

This town is full of horrors and chaos and so you better get ready for what it has in store for you.

Every house in this community every inch is “stained with someone’s sin” and brewing with horrors. It’s a beyond ideal location for a series of this nature.


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