Twitter’s “Lights Out” Dark Theme Now on Android Finally

twitter android lights out 1
twitter android lights out 1

In the last months, Twitter has been laboring on a handful of redesigns for its several platforms, and that encompasses an all-black dark method for mobile phones.

Android users have not been able to get admission to Twitter’s “Lights Out” version, but that will seemingly change in September. Only those in the Twitter alpha and beta tunnels are seeing the edition, and even then it appears to be a server-side shift.

This is by no averages widely available and it will probably still be some period until it rolls out to the safe channel. Still, it is great to finally discern some progress on this detail months after it was pledged.

Twitter’s "Lights Out" Dark Theme Now on Android Finally
Twitter’s “Lights Out” Dark Theme Now on Android Finally

Twitter’s VP of aim and research, Dantley Davis, recalled in a tweet this noon that the all-black lights Out version were on the path for Android. As it is currently glancing, the foreign method should come on the platform somewhere in mid-September.

While it is good to finally give origin to date, executing in mid-September settles this several months behind iOS.

Twitter’s iPhone and iPad applications picked up the Lights Out version in March, and a September launch sits Android’s update a full six months behind schedule. In a due reply, Davis says that “prioritization” is the major reason it is taking so long.

However, one can wish that the Lights Out version for Android comes shortly rather than later. After all, Android Q is right near the corner, and it gives rise to a system-wide dark theme with it.

Possessing a true-black theme on Twitter would be an outstanding complement to that. Terrible news folks, the “Lights Out” version for Twitter’s Android application has been delayed.

Six months after it slams iOS, the update still has not been released for Android. In a follow-up post, Dantley Davis substantiates that the update is still arriving, but it has been delayed “a bit” as the firm works “on polishing the occasion.”

On the sharp side (or I think dark in this context), Dantley did give a preview at the method.


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