Google to fix full quality unlimited photo backups for iPhones

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A loophole had newly been found which enabled users to give free full quality picture backups to Google Photos, for unrestricted, on iPhone.

This was transpiring for some time, because of Apple’s usage of HEIC layout to capture and protect photos. The problem gained friction when Google declared Pixel 4, without endless photo backups, amongst other problems.

Google has eventually responded to this difficulty and instead of giving unlimited jams for Pixel 4 too, they tell that the bug is going to be remedied. Google is contending that it is a bug that enables iOS users to get free full-quality backups.

Google to fix full quality unlimited photo backups for iPhones
Google to fix full quality unlimited photo backups for iPhones

So when the bug is remedied, the free passage will be over for iOS addicts. It will be fascinating to see how Google pertains to a ‘fix’ to this problem. Either of the following likelihoods can occur:

Google stops affirming HEIC photos by renovating them to JPEG initially. Apple allows applications to access pictures as JPEGs, to assure compatibility, as apparent in Settings. This will also affect any other Android devices which enable saving pictures as HEIC.

Google discovers a way to give even more profitable compression.

Google lessens the resolution of the pictures further to recoup storage space on their servers.

Never mind which technique Google pursues, Reddit user Stephen sawyer gets the value for bringing this problem to light.

With all-new iPhones shooting pictures in HEIC format, which is tinier than even Googles condensed JPG files, iPhones therefore get free endless ORIGINAL quality backups barely because it would amount to Google both storage area (because if Google strived to compress iPhones HEIC pictures they would actually evolve larger) and calculating power (because Google does not need to compress and filter all of the billions of pictures iPhones backup.)

So Apple is precisely saving Google millions of dollars by hitting their pictures in HEIC and it advantages iPhone users as well as we get free actual quality backups.


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