“Qantas” world’s longest commercial flight from New York to Sydney tested


The world’s longest commercial flight “Qantas” has finally finished a new milestone non-stop test charter from New York to Sydney(Australia), studying the approximated effects on pilots, crew, and passengers. It might also be the world’s longest commercial airplane travel.

Hosting 50 passengers and crew, QF7879 on a fresh Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner came down in Sydney on Sunday just after sunrise covering a 16,200-kilometre (10,066-mile) journey that went around for 19 hours and 16 minutes.

Qantas chief executive officer, Alan Joyce, who was on the flight, said after the touch down: “This is an iconic time for Qantas, a really historic landmark for Australian aviation and a really huge historical milestone for world aviation.”

"Qantas" world's longest commercial flight from New York to Sydney tested
“Qantas” world’s longest commercial flight from New York to Sydney tested

Demand for air travel is only rapidly growing and aircraft looking to improve massively, carriers are rising getting a peek into ultra-long-haul travel.

The International Air Transport Association (IATA) estimates the worldwide number of yearly passengers to rise from 4.6 billion this year to 8.2 billion by the year 2037.

Just as we speak in 2019, no commercial aircraft was capable of finishing the New York-to-Sydney(Australia) long-distance race with a full cap.

To give the plane the required incentive, the Qantas flight took off with maximum fuel, only a few passengers, limited baggage and zero cargo.

The goal was to collect the data, with a host of analysts monitoring, among other things, lighting, activity, the sleep and consumption patterns of passengers, and crew melatonin levels. They have also studied a lot of processes within the passengers for the flight with brain monitoring devices, which is expected to give pivotal insights.

The very objective of the conducted study was, Qantas said in a press release, to make sure that the health and wellness levels rise, reduce jet lag as much as possible and find out about the accurate crew rest and work timings.


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