VIZ Media Previews Cat Lady Game On Steam Early Access: What’s new

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The delightfully spooky CAT LADY comes to Steam Early Access, Just in time for Halloween.

VIZ Media announced that the Rose City Games developed twin-stick shooter rogue-lite Cat Lady will launch into Steam Early Access on October 17,

Cat Lady has players assume the role of Ally Marie, who has just arrived at her Grandma’s cat-fill mansion for her regular visit. However, it seems her Grandma has gone missing and her belongings have turned into monsters.

VIZ Media Previews Cat Lady Game On Steam Early Access: What’s new

Here to assist Ally Marie in her adventure through this nightmare are Grandma’s cats who are now self-aware and capable of dishing out some incredible attacks.

The game has a blend of twin-stick shooting elements within the rogue-lite dungeon crawling genre. Players are able to swap and upgrade their cat friends to execute magical spells and abilities. Each dungeon is randomly generated and features unique areas of the mansion.

The campaign has players uncovering the truth of Grandma’s kidnapping and destroy anything that comes in their way. The equipment in the game involves cats so expect to unlock new cats and abilities throughout the game. Cats can also be combined to create unique attacks dealing large amounts of damage to enemies.

In case you’d like to see more, check out our hands-on preview with the game’s upcoming Steam Early Access Release.

Put adorable cats and spooky enemies in Grandma’s house and you have the basic concept of Cat Lady, the second adventure game from VIZ Media and Rose City Games.

Cat Lady is now available for early streaming.

In addition, players who purchase CAT LADY while in Early Access will automatically receive access to the final version when it officially releases – catches the trailer here!

In addition, if you haven’t checked out THE WORLD NEXT DOOR yet, this is a perfect time – pick up both games at a bundle discount of $11.68!


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