John Cho Reveals Details of Cowboy Bebop On-Set Injury

john cho injured cowboy bebop netflix
john cho injured cowboy bebop netflix

John Cho has been maimed on the set of Cowboy Bebop, EW has substantiated.

While shooting Netflix’s live-action modification of the cult Japanese enlivened series in New Zealand, the entertainer had a “freak accident” in a take and extremely injured his knee very badly, compelling a surgery. Production has close down on Cowboy Bebop for Seven – nine months while he regains.

As per the Deadline, the injury occurred “on the final take of a routine and well-rehearsed scenario.” Cho had to be drifted to Los Angeles and after the surgery, he will require “extensive rehabilitation” for his injured knee. Once the actor’s prediction is clear, a new filming plan will be inferred accordingly.

John Cho Reveals Details of Cowboy Bebop On-Set Injury
John Cho Reveals Details of Cowboy Bebop On-Set Injury

Cho took to Instagram to deal with what has happened. “‘Water can trickle or it can also crash.’ – Bruce Lee,” Cho composed in the caption. “Gratitude for all the well hopes everyone. Gonna be around and flowing in no moment!”

Prior this month, Netflix published a behind-the-scenes tape celebrating the start of output on the sequel.

Despite being early sufficient in the production procedure where Cho’s role can be altered due to his trauma, Netflix is staying dedicated to giving birth to the actor star in the sequel, hence the lengthy suspension while his knee heals.

Cowboy Bebop is one of the most outstanding and acclaimed anime tales of all time and centers on main lead Spike Seigel (Cho), a bounty hunter whose sluggish personality hides a grey past.

No matter how distant he travels on the spaceship Bebop with his battalion, Spike attempts to outrun his illegal past and the woman he lost and discovers himself (and his crew of sci-fi misfits) chased by the villainous Syndicate.

The initial Cowboy Bebop series lingered for 26 episodes (or “sessions”) but the Netflix edition will be 10 episodes.


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