Pokémon GO EX: Colossal Legendary Regigigas to be Appeared soon

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Between first to fourth November, Regirock, Regice, and Registeel are rejoining in Pokémon GO. On the off chance that you haven’t just gotten these legendaries, the returning strikes will allow you to include the impressive powers of nature to your Pokédex.

The enormous pocket beast Regigigas will likewise be showing up in EX Raids around the same time. As a component of this, Niantic is offering tickets you can purchase with genuine cash, to take an interest in an uncommon story occasion called “A Colossal Discovery”.

This occasion will enable you to experience the incredible Pokémon before its introduction later on in November, in a unique first-time appearance in GO.

Pokémon GO EX: Colossal Legendary Regigigas to be Appeared soon
Pokémon GO EX: Colossal Legendary Regigigas to appear soon

You’ve met Regice, Registeel and Regirock, presently prepare for…Religious, showing up soon to Pokémon GO. Gigas is the greek word for mammoth that appears in a wide range of games, so Regigas generally means “Lord Giant”, a peculiar looking goliath studded with gems and apparently administering over the remainder of the Legendary Titans.

It’s been one of the missing Gen-4 legendaries, with a lot of individuals estimating that it would supplant Deoxys to EX Raids. In any case, with shadow ball Mewtwo right now back in EX Raids and another thing found in the records by data miner Charles, it appears as though it will be a piece of an alternate sort of occasion in this game.

Charles as of late found a ticket in the game for an occasion marked “a colossal disclosure” which, given the remainder of the data that we have, appears to point pretty decisively to Regigags:

0.157.0 new thing “Ticket: A Colossal Discovery”

A pass to get to the “A Colossal Discovery” unique occasion on November 2 from 11:00 AM to 7:00 PM nearby time, any place you are. pic.twitter.com/3G2Tp1wnki, in this game, has recently been utilized to get to exceptional occasions like Pokémon GO Fest or Safari Zones.

This one is by all accounts unique, be that as it may: it’s a worldwide occasion like Community Day or Raid Day, however regardless it utilizes this ticket.

Pokémon GO Fest for as long as two years have incorporated an uncommon research errand intended to be finished inside the range of an hour or two that prizes you with a legendary Pokémon, and my supposition is this will be something comparable: a day-long questline that individuals can finish to get Regigigas.

The significant inquiry here is the manner by which we will get this ticket. Past tickets have, normally, been buys that you make on a site outside of the application, similar to you would figure for a genuine occasion.

I question we’ll see that here in light of the fact that there’s no compelling reason to confine access to an overall occasion. On the off chance that it costs Pokécoins(read: genuine cash), in any case, I could see it being a major issue for the network.

No Pokémon has been confined by buy before, and even thing subordinate animals like Leafeon, Glaceon, Probopass, and Magnezone have ways for nothing to-play players to gather them.

Limiting access to a significant incredible like Regigigas would be a terrible movie, as I would see it. I’d be shocked to see that.

It’s conceivable that you need to win the ticket through field explore, or even that we as a whole get one through some unforeseen technician. In any case, the occasion is by all accounts on November 2, so we’ll likely hear increasingly about this in the coming weeks.


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