Google Tested a New Search Video Games Interface


Google has been sighted testing a modern user interface for video game inquiry results.

The new UI comprises a sidebar with tabs devoted to various elements of the video game being surveyed for, such as data about gameplay, reviews, videos, music, and more.

What might be the impact of the new UI?
This modern interface looks like it can be extremely useful for video game players. It can also assist drive more traffic to gaming websites, given Google actually links out to those websites instead of providing the data directly in search outcomes.

Google Tested a New Search Video Games Interface

Some screenshots of search results were shared on Reddit. Many Reddit users are characterizing that Google could be redesigning video game inquiry results in preparation for the blastoff of Google Stadia, the firm’s cloud-based game console.

The timing is correct, as Google Stadia, the cloud-based game console is set to blastoff in November. Presumably, this modern search interface could be utilized to direct people to play games on Stadia. Google Stadia will allow the subscribers to play games and videos at the maximum resolution, virtually on any screen—TV, PC, laptop, phone, or tablet—without needing the latest and greatest processor, console or graphics card. Players will interact with games via a Stadia controller, made by Google.

However, Halo Infinite is a Microsoft property that does not launch until next year. So it is an interesting selection of titles to test this modern interface on.

Time will tell if this experiment becomes a permanent modern addition to search results.

The new design eliminates the blue link color, as well as the green color for page categories/directories. Google strived something identical last year on the desktop and individuals were not very happy about it then too. As you can observe in the search results, the design also pertains to the web search.


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