British triathlete Alistair Brownlee before deciding on Olympic tilt embarks on his first Ironman

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ALISTAIR BROWNLEE embarks on his 1st adult male triathlon and his performance can influence his shot at Olympic history. It is the last word check during this most original of sport and nevertheless, Brownlee has ne’er completed a full competitive adult male before.

How he performs next weekend during this new setting can ultimately decide whether or not he can commit himself to the Japanese capital 2020 Olympics once 2 injury-hit years.
In associate degree exclusive chat with Sun Sport from the U.S.A., Brownlee said: “I don’t want to go to Tokyo for the sake of going.

“I want to go there and be competitive. Give a good account of myself. “It would be fantastic if will do this and contend to the most effective of my talents. “It’s concerning being healthy, being in a good mindset, being prepared and focused to flog yourself for the next 10 months in the lead-up.

British triathlete Alistair Brownlee before deciding on Olympic tilt embarks on his first Ironman

“To prepare for the heat and all the training. Being in the right place to do that. “I haven’t decided for sure about the Olympics. The necessary factor, after all this training I have done, is that I am feeling fit, in really good shape and injury-free.

“Once I get Kona out of the way, and see how that goes, then I will start thinking about next year. “Perhaps even by the time I’ve crossed the road in Kona or even many days at the moment, I will probably know what I am doing for 2020.

“Whatever happens, though, Tokyo is 100% my final Olympic triathlon though I probably said that after Rio in 2016!”

The adult male worlds are running since 1979 and won 5 times by British girls once by Leanda Cave and 4 times by Chrissie Wellington.

“I keep being told that no-one does really well in their first attempt. It seems like a big ask. But when I get on the course, I will give it everything I have. “One of the things which are welcome about this is being the relative underdog and not having too much expected of me going into the race. I like the fact it’s new to me.”

The most challenging aspect is managing his nutrition, ensuring he drinks enough and eats the right foods at the right times in hot and humid conditions.

“It’s not Olympic-distance racing when you are really pushing your body to the ends of its abilities in terms of what you are doing at that time. It’s a case of: ‘This is uncomfortable and I have got hours to go.’


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