8-Year-Old Colorado Boy Severely Injured After Mountain Lion Attacks In Bailey


Wildlife officials confirmed on Thursday that an eight years old boy from Colorado was severely injured after the attack by the mountain lion.

Wildlife officials took Twitter to state that, “We can confirm this is a mountain lion attack on a young boy. Wildlife officers are searching the scene. A dog team has been called in to help search the area for the mountain lion & because of that Bailey residents are asked to please keep their pets indoors.”

Reportedly, the eight years old boy was playing outdoors with his brother on Wednesday evening. They were on the trampoline when a friend called the eight-year-old boy from the neighborhood.

8-Year-Old Colorado Boy Severely Injured After Mountain Lion Attacks In Bailey

As the kid ran to his friend, the lion probably took him as prey and attacked him biting the kid on his head.

That was when the kid’s father came out to the rescue of the kid when his brother told the father that something was off. The father rushed and seeing that the lion left the child and went away.

The kid was rushed to the hospital and it was found that the child was injured severely by the mountain lion.

After this incident, traps were set down. A team of dogs was deployed as well to trace the lion. The information was released through Twitter again. Initially, the dogs could not sniff the scent of a lion.

The very next day, a missing goat was reported and the owner revealed that he saw two mountain lions that fit the description of the lion seen the previous day.

The animals were euthanized and they will be sent so that necropsy could be performed on them along with their DNA analysis.

There have been multiple cases like these reported in the area since the 1990s. An estimate of 22 mountain lion attacks has been reported in Colorado.

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