Why Excessive Expanding Seasons In Tv Series Could Ruin The Show?

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Why excessive expanding seasons in TV series could ruin the show?

TV series are highly preferred nowadays. TV series are getting a good audience. The stories, action, mystery, and adventure they provide are well-liked. To make a series perfect there should be a balance of all the elements like story, the no. of seasons, character enhancements, etc. It is expected that expanding your seasons will affect your show negatively. Here are some reasons, how expanding seasons may ruin your show:

Lose of people’s interest

In every season there is a different story. In every season’s end, the show lefts certain mysteries that are promised to be revealed in the coming seasons. This creates the audience’s interest. If the producer tries to expand the seasons excessively then they sometimes have to skip the part of revealing the answers to the mysteries to next season. This creates a negative effect on the audience. Their excitement reduces.


A show must have a proper lifetime. The too-long show becomes boring for the audience and they start skipping the episodes. Too long shows aren’t able to bind people’s patience.

Addition of unwanted scenes

If the producer tries to expand the seasons then he takes certain steps. Adding additional scenes is one among them. Sometimes adding these scenes doesn’t work well as people find them uninteresting.

Characters’ importance reduces

Adding seasons to a show demands more character involvement. The more character you involve the more the importance of previously existing character reduces. This makes the show complicated.

Twisted Plots

Expanding seasons is good only when the upcoming seasons are already planned. Moving blindly to next season may ruin the show. The producer needs to understand the script of the show. Planning the number of seasons according to the story available is the wisest decision.


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