Alcatel’s: New flip phone Revealed along with 4G LTE and Google Assistant

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Let’s be honest. In today’s world with more than god knows how many brands and types of phones, it’s rare to find a phone doing the buzz outside of the main players like big players like Apple, Samsung, Pixel et al. However, Alcatel have managed to do just that.

The company has somehow broken the first barrier towards success in this industry—HYPE. The reason for the same is their launch of Go Flip 3 today which will also be known as the Smart flip, though it depends on the carrier you buy it from.

In essence, the Go Flip 3 is your typical flip phone, but it has a few specs that raise the roof for its otherwise modest capability.

Alcatel’s: New flip phone Revealed along with 4G LTE and Google Assistant

For one, Go Flip 3 comes with a 4G LTE facility, a nearly impossible sight in a basic phone like this. It definitely can’t do what a smartphone offers but that’s expected.

However, rest assured, mobile data connection means that you’ll be able to do stuff like checking your email and updating your calendar. It also means that the phone comes with other facilities like HD voice and Google Maps navigation.

Apart from 4G LTE, these the phone also boasts of an exciting Google Assistant functionality. By pressing a button on the phone, you can call upon the Google Assistant and get your various tasks done like placing calls, dictating texts and asking for routes. Both these features are extremely amusing to be seen on a basic model of the phone.

The Alcatel Go Flip 3 fired up by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 210 processor and has a 512MB of RAM capacity to go with a 4GB of storage. Users will also be able to connect up to eight devices when accessing the device in mobile hotspot mode to increase connectivity capabilities efficiently.


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