Man Who Tried Entering Area 51 Was Shot Dead! Have People Taken The ‘Storm Area 51’ Joke Way Too Seriously?


In January in excess of a million people, RSVP’d to a Facebook occasion which was to storm the mystery US Airpower base in Nevada, which is accepted to be home of Aliens in Nevada.

Many of the individuals remarked that We can move after than the projectiles we should see them at Nevada and for about a month or so the virtual media was loaded up with images about the circumstance.

In any of the cases, what began as a clever joke has removed too risky turn. The stunt has extended a point where even the US Airpower needed to issue way authority cautioning against the circumstance that any trespassers would be shot.

Man Who Tried Entering Area 51 Was Shot Dead! Have People Taken The 'Storm Area 51' Joke Way Too Seriously?
Man Who Tried Entering Area 51 Was Shot Dead! Have People Taken The ‘Storm Area 51’ Joke Way Too Seriously?

The Facebook page said that Matty Robberts understood that it would be millions who might begin supporting him in his call to war of “see them, outsiders.”

Be that as it may, it would seem that somebody took millions to truly, something that Robberts had not arranged. He is currently frightened that the FBI may come thumping on his entryway.

It’s accounted for that a man stormed Area 51 which is a monstrous plot of a desert (around 80 miles) on the north-west of LasVegas and is a mystery army installation.

On January 28th, an unarmed man drove through a security checkpoint in Mercury as he endeavored to enter territory 51. Incapable to stick to official’s solicitation to stop, he was shot dead.

The occurrence is without a doubt a huge cautioning to anyone to was anticipating racing into Area 51 with the individual sign that US Airpower has just produced.

The episode likewise fills in for instance that not all that you see via web-based networking media is to be paid attention to.

Additionally, it would be alright for everybody if no one attempts to attack an army installation once more.

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