5 Characters Keanu Reeves Can Portray If He Joined MCU In The Future


The Hollywood star was made prominent for his job as John Wick. Keanu Reeves has consistently had a bankable un emotionalness that has filled his film industry ability.

Wonder’s leader Kevin Feige uncovered that he might particularly want to have Mr. Reeves into the MCU.

“We converse with him for somewhere around each film we make, we converse with Reeves about-I don’t have the foggiest idea when, if, or even he’ll join the MCU, yet we particularly need to make sense of the correct method to do it”.

On the off chance that Reeves joins MCU, it will enthusiasm to know the job he plays. Here are some in all probability jobs he can fit into:

5 Characters Keanu Reeves Can Portray If He Joined MCU In The Future


Galactus-an infinite element who initially expended planets to support his life power. He might be a malicious character yet Reeves can possibly perform it flawlessly.

Apparition Rider

Starting at no Ghost Rider appears as though the most grounded character Reeves should play. Wonder fans are exceptionally requesting for Reeves to assume this job.

Namor the sub-sailor

Namor can be called as the Marvel rendition of Aqua man. Feige has uncovered to bring Namor to the MCU. The film should be dropped by part of the bargain. In spite of the fact that this didn’t occur, yet the arrangement for the motion picture hasn’t been dropped at this point.

Adam Warlock

Adam Warlock will be a forthcoming character of Guardians of the cosmic system. This character was made by an insane lab rat. Warlock might be presented in the following continuation of the Guardians.

Moon Knight

Moon Knight has just been prodded in Captain America motion pictures. Moon knight began as a scoundrel however wound up utilizing his capacity for merchandise. Reeves will flawlessly fit this MCU character as well.


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